Slow Cooker or Instant Pot Chicken Marengo

$ 5.25

We often hear from our customers how busy they are and what can they fix in their crockpot (or slow cooker) without too much fuss and still create a delicious, healthy meal that their whole family will love.

If you are often pressed for time (these days who isn't?) our slow cooker or instant pot Chicken Marengo will help you get a meal on the table without spending a lot of time on prep.

Legend has it that Chicken Marengo was hastily created by Napoleon's chef from what he could scrounge from the area around Marengo (Northern Italy) following Napoleon's victory at the battle of Marengo. Some say it was created by a French restaurant and named after the battle to add a bit of luster.

Either way, Chicken Marengo is a delicious, simple dish that marries French and Italian cooking. We often describe it as reminiscent of Coq Au Vin minus the bacon and Chicken Cacciatore minus the peppers.

If you are new to instant pot cooking, our mixes give you that jump start with step by step instructions on how to create Chicken Marengo in the Instant Pot.

We hope you will try it and love it.


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