About Us

Mary’s love of cooking started at a young age; she made her first apple pie with apples picked from the tree in her yard when she was nine years old.

Although she started her professional life in business earning a computer science degree she continued to cook for family and friends, attended basic French cooking and basic French pastry at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and took local cooking classes. She started a catering business called Glorious Foods (fancy finger foods) in her 20’s that she worked on after her daytime job but left it behind after her son was born.

Mary continued to absorb cooking lessons from some great cooks including her husband’s mother Bea Tedisco who was locally renowned for her superb sauces, pasta, and everything else she made.

Mary’s been a lifetime entrepreneur having started six businesses with a few huge successes (and a big failure) along the way. Mary started Healthy Gourmet Kitchen last year to meet the needs of people seeking no sugar added, low sodium, healthier snacks and food.