Garlic Herb Dip Mix

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Garlic herb dip mix will delight any garlic lover. Spread a little love on your morning toast or bagel, also makes an easy salad dressing or garlic herb seasoning mix for chicken. Recipes included.

Hand made and hand packed in small batches. Each package makes two eight ounce containers of dip.

Garlic herb dip is one of our most popular dips, try it once and you'll see why.

Some of our favorite ways to use garlic herb dip mix:

Mix with plain greek yogurt and serve with vegetable sticks, chips, or pretzels. You can also mix with sour cream and a little mayonnaise.

Garlic herb cream cheese spread: Add three tablespoons garlic herb mix to eight ounces cream cheese, whip until blended.

Garlic herb butter (great on meat or grilled vegetables) - Add one tablespoon garlic herb dip mix to one stick of butter. Store in wax paper.

Garlic Chicken: Add two tablespoons garlic herb dip mix to one tablespoon hot water, let rest one minute then add 1/4 cup olive oil. Dip boneless skinless chicken breasts in olive oil mixture then coat with seasoned bread crumbs or almond meal. Place in baking dish, pour any remaining olive oil mix over chicken. Bake at 375F for 30 minutes or until done. Let rest five minutes before serving.

This dip is gluten free, vegan, keto friendly, paleo and 0 points on weight watchers if you use plain non fat greek yogurt.

No added salt or sugar. Never any added msg or preservatives

Ingredients: Garlic, chives, parsley, organic lemon powder, black pepper




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