Breakfast Tacos May 26, 2015 10:45

Simple and delicious these breakfast tacos can be customized with your favorite toppings.

They can be made ahead to save cooking time in the morning, just slightly under cook them.


2 - 3 Tblspn Healthy Gourmet Kitchen Salsa

3 eggs

1 Tblspn egg white (or substitute one egg)

1/4 cup black beans drained and rinsed

1/8 - 1/4 cup monterey jack cheese (grated)

Organic whole wheat tortilla shells or if you prefer corn taco shells.

Salt or pepper to taste.

Optional toppings:

fresh cilantro

avocado slices

diced tomatoes

Break eggs into medium bowl. Whisk with wire whisk until thoroughly mixed. Add Salsa, mix.

Heat pan over medium high heat. Add enough olive oil to just coat the pan, if you put in too much just wipe it out.

Add eggs/salsa mixture to the pan. Cook until runny, add black beans. If eating right away cook until done, if making ahead

leave the eggs slightly underdone.

Assemble tacos by spooning cooked eggs into tortilla shells, add salsa and cheese to taste. Salt if desired.


If you plan to make these ahead for the next day, store the cooked eggs in a jar (the empty salsa jars make great storage containers) and seal tightly. Reheat in microwave for a few seconds, don't overcook or they will get rubbery.




Healthy Mexican Fritata April 30, 2015 22:11

We make these every week in our house, they're easy, travel well, reheat fast and are delicious.

Low carb, grain free, high protein, low calorie and inexpensive to boot.

1 dozen free range eggs
2 cups egg whites from free range eggs
2 jars healthy gourmet kitchen salsa (our salsa is thick, if you use another brand adjust recipe to account for fluids)
1 15 oz can organic black beans drained and rinsed
1/2 cup grated monterey jack cheese

Preheat oven to 350.

Whip eggs until blended (can do this by hand, maybe 30 seconds of mixing), add salsa and black beans. Mix and stir occasionally as you fill your tins.

Pour about 1/4 - 1/3 cup of mix into silicone baking cups or use parchment liners. Do not use oiled muffin pans without a liner, this is pretty hard to clean off a pan. Top with a little bit of cheese.

Bake in preheated oven for 25 minutes. If the fritatas aren't quite done bake them an additional 3 - 5 minutes.

Remove from oven and from baking cups. Enjoy warm or cool and store. These stay good in the refrigerator for 3 days or for 3 months in the freezer. If you freeze them, reheat them without thawing them. 3 fritatas take 2 minutes in microwave to reheat.

Makes approximately 36 fritata's. Serving size 2 - 3.