Jam and Yogurt Popsicles July 2, 2015 08:50

2 tablespoons Healthy Gourmet Kitchen spreadable fruit

1 cup Plain Greek yogurt
1 tsp honey (optional)
Milk of choice

If the greek yogurt you use is thick like Argyle Cheese Farmers, use a teaspoon milk to thin it, if you can pour the yogurt from a spoon no need to thin it.

Sweeten yogurt with honey if desired by mixing it into the honey in a bowl. Spoon a little yogurt into the bottom of the popsicle molds.

Add 1 tsp spreadable fruit then alternate between the yogurt and spreadable fruit.

Use a popsicle stick to swirl the yogurt and spreadable fruit or leave in layers.

Place in freezer and freeze for at least 4 hours.

Warm very briefly (a few seconds) in warm water to help popsicles release from molds.


We used wild blueberry and strawberry rhubarb for a red, white and blue theme for the fourth of July.

Happy independence day!