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Juicy Grilled Burgers May 25, 2017 20:06

Planning to grill this weekend? Turn boring burgers into glorious grilled perfection:

1/3 lb ground meat per person.

Healthy Gourmet Kitchen Texas Steak Rub

Preheat grill.

With wet hands barely form the ground meat into 1/3 lb patties. Don't squish the meat, gently pat it into shape. Using your thumb make an indent in the middle - similar to jam thumbprint cookies. Keep the burgers cold until ready to grill.

Just before putting burgers on grill, sprinkle Texas Steak Rub on one side gently pressing it into the meat. Alternatively use Carmelized Onion Porcini Mushroom, Fab 4 Onion Dip or any other dry rub. 3. Place burgers on grill over indirect heat rub side up.

After 2 - 3 minutes flip the burgers. Do not press on your burgers, you'll be pressing all the lovely juices out and into the flames. After another 2-3 minutes test with thermometer (130 for med-rare, 140 - med, 150 med-well) or using the touch method to determine when done. If adding cheese you can use a fireproof bowl to help the cheese melt.

Grill onion slices and the hamburger buns.

Let hamburgers rest a few minutes before serving.

Happy grilling!